Zumba is officially my lover.
It's so much fun.
And makes you sweat like a dog. :)

So, I'm still around 189.
Diet starting tomorrow, finally got all that christmas candy shit out of my house.
So now,1000ish calories a day, water no soda.
Working out constantly like I use to.

I'm in the mood for like a thinspiration picture.


My tummy hurts.

I'm getting surgery tomorrow on my hip.
That means no working out for 6 weeks. No walking for 2 weeks.
I weigh like 190 now. It depresses me. :(
So, after my surgery, and once I can start walking again.. I am going to be working out.
Even though I can only do crunches/arm workouts, its better than nothing.
Going to watch what I eat over the weeks I am unable to walk more than anything.

OH, and what the hell, Beaver won best artist?!

This is me. (:

Lets start off here.
do not have a eating disorder.
Unless you count eating 900-1200 cals a day, mixing it up everyday;;
and working out an ED.
I just am looking to loose maybe a good 20-30lbs so I can be healthier.
Guess I am mainly a dieter..
My journal is not going to consist of that.

Not like anyone ever reads my journal right? Lol.
Well here it goes.
Im Paige Nicole. Yes, I am young, 15 years old to be exact.
But I am mature for my age.
Ive had a few livejournal accounts, but this is my final one.
I have a few friends..
Need more friends. Haha.
Something about me? Of course.

Scrubs, Family Guy, Ghost Hunters, Pretty Little Liars, GLEE!
Owl City, Bullet For My Valentine, Escape The Fate, Hawthorne Heights.
Twilight Saga, Dean Knootz, James Paterson.
Step Up 1 & 2, Pay It Forward, Fluke, Twilight. [<--- Movies.]
Horses, Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Small Rodents.
Horseback Riding, Walking, Music.
Myspace, Facebook, Myyearbook.
Aim, MSN, and Yahoo messengers.
I like boys and girls, just to clear that aspect up.

So yeah, Im generally a pretty weird person.
But I can be worth getting to know..
If I don't like you, I will tell you so.
I do not lie to you, simple as that.
Im not going to call you my friend if I truely dislike you.
Add me.

Mr. Boonedoggle.

Maybe this is pathetic?
I dont know.
But I miss this damn cat so much.
So I am posting a bunch of pictures of him! :D
He got hit September 20th, 2009. ):
[its been three months..]

Collapse )

Those last two were the last day I saw him..
Then I went to a buffalo bills game, came back.
And he was gone. :(
God I miss him so much.
He was my best friend..
His name was Boone.
Or Mr Boonedoggle, Mr Booneybear, Booneybear, Bear, Boonedoggle.
He was only 6 months old.
And I miss him